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Lord Roberts, Boer War Hero, at Burtonwood?

  Today’s blog entry is looking at a poster for Burtonwood Dahlia Queen in 1900. Some of you may remember that we looked at the Reverend Mansfield Mitchell’s opinion of…

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NHS in Warrington – share your memories

On July 5th 2018 the National Health Service will be 70 years old. Initially instigated by the Beveridge Report in 1942 which argued for a universally accessible health care service…

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Roots Between the Tides: JAM remixes Warrington Museum

Friday 30 Sep 2016 - Saturday 30 Dec 2017, All Day


Warrington Museum & Art Gallery


Using a combination of techniques from photography, sculpture and archival research, JAM will ‘remix’ elements from Warrington, creating a hanging network of several hundred images from the Fish Gallery mezzanine. Navigate a web of interconnected stories with the binoculars provided.


Saturday 20 May 2017 - Saturday 16 Sep 2017, All Day


Warrington Museum & Art Gallery


The world’s fiercest animals have been spotted on the prowl in Warrington!

Explore Dr Herringbone’s Predatorium in a new exhibition at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery, featuring specially-selected artefacts, taxidermy and artwork from the museum’s collection.

This family-friendly display will give visitors a chance to discover interesting and unusual facts about nature’s top hunters in a new and refreshing way. From the guts and gore of the hunt to the grossness of animal dung, Predators promises to fascinate old and young alike.

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