Bewsey takes its place in history

Bewsey Local History Group

With the help of a Heritage Lottery Fund’s All Our Stories Grant and the support of Culture Warrington’s Museum staff, Bewsey Local History Group have been researching Bewsey’s unique story.

Members of the group have lived in the area for most of their lives and are very proud of their community. They have seen great changes in Bewsey as its industries disappeared, along with familiar landmarks. They have been saddened to see Bewsey described as a problem neighbourhood compared to other more desirable areas of the town. For all its faults they feel that Bewsey is still a good place and they were determined to see Bewsey take its rightful place in the town’s history.

The project culminated in the publication of the group’s book last year, Bewsey Takes its Place in History.

However that certainly wasn’t the end of the group’s activities! You can find out more about what they have been working on here and on Historypin.


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