Polly Morgan: New exhibition and taxidermy demonstration

Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival is proud to present an exhibition of still life sculptures by acclaimed artist Polly Morgan.

Morgan’s first work, fittingly shown at the Zoo Art Fair in London, caught the attention of the art world in 2005 and she has exhibited widely since, most notably with her solo show Psychopomps at the Haunch of Venison Gallery in 2010. Her work features in prominent collections; both private and public, such as those of Ivor Braka, David Roberts, Anita Zabludowicz and the New Art Gallery Walsall, as well as attracting celebrities such as Damien Hirst, Banksy and Kate Moss.

In 1998 she moved to East London to read English Literature at London University. As an undergraduate she became acquainted with many prominent artists working in the area and, inspired by their example, took up taxidermy and began making sculptural work in 2004.

Having studied with Scottish taxidermist George Jamieson, Morgan began to play with and dismantle taxidermy traditions, allowing some animals to appear dead rather than imitating life. Only using animals that have died naturally or accidentally, her most recent exhibition Endless Plains (All Visual Arts, London), was an examination of the pest/host relationship and a wry look at the cannibalistic side of nature.

Recently she has featured in the BBC4 series, What Do Artists Do All Day?, spoken on Radio 4 and held talks at the ICA and Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

As part of the festival there will also be a rare opportunity to attend a taxidermy talk and demonstration by the artist on Saturday 16 November at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery.

Polly Morgan said: “I’m looking forward to taking my work on tour to the Warrington Museum & Art Gallery, which I feel is a sympathetic spot. For me, seeing it in a new context, always helps breathe new life into it.”

Derek Dick, Warrington Museum Operations Manager said: “We’re really pleased to have secured Polly for the third Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival. It is great to have the opportunity to work with such an acclaimed artist and is a testament to how the Festival has grown from strength to strength.”


Polly Morgan exhibition at the Museum

Polly Morgan taxidermy talk and demonstration

Polly Morgan’s website

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