This collection covers the period from prehistoric to medieval times and comprises over 23,000 objects. The museum is fortunate in housing regionally significant collections of Stone Age and Bronze Age remains primarily from the old counties of Lancashire and Cheshire; finds from Warrington’s medieval friary; Roman remains from Wilderspool, Warrington and other local sites.

The remains from Wilderspool are very interesting because even in the second century AD it would appear that the Warrington area was an industrial site, manufacturing pottery, glass, jewellery and iron ware. Recreation also had its place and in our collection we have one specimen which is unique in this country – a Roman actor’s mask.

What’s to see…

Our unique Roman actor’s mask alongside a selection of antiquities from Wilderspool, Warrington Friary (including a medieval manuscript) and other important local prehistoric finds are on permanent display.

What’s in the stores…

Our reserve antiquities collections may be viewed by appointment only.


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