Contemporary and Urban Art

Better HalfRecent art exhibitions have focussed more upon contemporary and urban art and this has resulted in the museum adding a number of pieces to its collection. The exhibition ‘(R)Evolution of Urban Art’, nominated for a national award at the Museum and Heritage Awards for Excellence in 2010, resulted in internationally-acclaimed artists Swoon, Elbow-Toe, Candice Tripp and Lorraine Robbins all kindly donating pieces to the museum.

Left Image – The Better Half Part 1 (2009) by Brian Douglas (Elbow-Toe)

Online resources

Framed and unframed reproductions of works from the museum’s art collection can be purchased online through the Bridgeman Art On Demand website. Framed and unframed prints and canvasses can be purchased as well as greetings cards, postcards and mugs.

The museum’s collection of oil paintings can also be viewed for free on the BBC Your Paintings website as part of a joint initiative with the Public Catalogue Foundation.

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