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World Stories gallery

Ethnology is the study of peoples and cultures. The museum’s ethnographical collection covers over 3,000 objects from Africa, the Americas, China, Japan, India, Polynesia, Oceania, Australia and New Zealand.

What’s to see…

In our newly refurbished World Stories gallery, which was established in 1936, there are over 600 objects on display. The arrangement, which has largely remained untouched for over 60 years, covers the art, life and culture of peoples from Egypt, Africa, South America, North America, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand. The gallery’s key objects include: an Egyptian sarcophagus and funeral figures; Benin Bronzes; and Japanese netsuke.

What’s in the stores…

Our extra ethnological collections may be viewed by appointment only and are usually used by researchers.


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