Natural History

Natural history is the scientific study of the natural world. Some of the museum’s earliest collections are from the world of natural history, with the collections of Warrington Natural History Society forming the core of the collections of Warrington Museum when it was established in 1848. Today these collections are not only interesting for the people of Warrington, but they also excite experts.Many of the natural history collections were gifts or bequests from local benefactors such as T.G. Rylands (mineral collection), G.A. Dunlop (fossil footprints on Triassic slabs), William Wilson (British plants and mosses), Linnaeus Greening (reptiles, amphibia, snakes and spiders) and Colonel J.A. Edelesten (molluscs).
Natural History


What’s to see…

The museum has permanent galleries where you can see natural history, including the Geology and Botany galleries (which were refurbished to their 1930s splendour by a Heritage Lottery Fund grant in the 1990s), the popular Fish gallery (refurbished in 2010/11 thanks to a grant from WREN) as well as the Bird room.

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What’s in the stores…

Our extra natural history collections may be viewed by appointment only and are usually used by researchers.

In 2007 Warrington Museum & Art Gallery collaborated with the Natural History Museum to produce an exhibition called Natural Curiosity. That exhibition is no longer on show, but you can still see the online exhibition, here.

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