Warrington Digital Image Archive

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About the Warrington Digital Image Archive

This project began in 2003 with the aim of making Warrington Library, Museums and Archives collections accessible online.

The original digitisation and research was done by Heather McAlpine, with grant aid from the North West Libraries, Archives and Museums Council.

The aim behind this project is to allow everyone to browse at will through our collections without any damage occurring to the originals – for example from the passing of time, exposure to light and handling by people. In many cases the copies you see here, and the copies you can order, are in better condition than the originals because they have been digitally ‘unfaded’.

You can order very high quality copies, containing great detail, from the museum at very little cost.

We have displayed the images at a lower resolution so they will load more quickly onto your screen, and to prevent commercial theft.

Researchers attached to museums and higher education institutions who need to see our original photographs are welcome to make appointments.

These web pages, and more like them, will grow as time passes. However the speed at which we can achieve this depends on funding. So please be patient – we want more resources online as much as you do. Help us achieve this by sending us your feedback about this site.

We hope you enjoy our project!