What is Warrington’s Story?

Warrington is a New Town with several thousand years of history, shaped by the people who have lived here. It has been a Roman settlement, a medieval manor, a Victorian borough and most recently a New Town and unitary authority. Read some of our Key Facts below!

  • Warrington is town at a crossroads – a gateway town (our Town hall Gates are a symbol of this)
  • It is located at a natural crossing point of the River Mersey where the ancient north – south land route could pass over the river; first by ford and later by bridge.
  • At Warrington this north/south land route crossed the east/west river route inland from the mouth of the Mersey along the Mersey valley
  • Warrington’s location has given it regional, national and international links
  • It has always been a border town; for much of its history in Lancashire and from 1974 in Cheshire
  • The town’s history has been shaped by being a hub on the national transport network; first by road and river and later by canal; rail and most recently motorway
  • Warrington’s location has helped it develop as a regional market town and commercial centre
  • Its transport links ensured it played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution of the 18th & 19th centuries and by the 20th century Warrington had become a town of many industries (unlike many neighbouring towns)
  • These industries linked the town to the wider world through its imports and exports
  • From the 18th century Warrington also developed its cultural heritage; through its educational, religious and civic institutions; architecture; patronage of key industrialists; individuals and local societies.
  • The town’s location and manufacturing industries has often seen it play a strategic role in times of war from medieval times to key military installations in World War II
  • When traditional industries declined in the late 20th century Warrington’s diversification and its motorway links ensured that the town was well placed to attract new service and technology based industries
  • The town’s industrial links and relative economic prosperity have long attracted new citizens from a variety of cultures
  • The town’s diverse districts and citizens continue to contribute to Warrington’s distinct heritage
  • Warrington’s unique history has shaped the present day town giving it a special place in today’s global society.

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