Working Lives of Warrington from Old Photographs

Today Warrington is a thriving business and commercial centre where its workers might be found sitting at computer terminals in offices and business parks, building societies, call centres and travel agents; or scanning goods at supermarket checkouts and super stores; frothing cappuccinos in café bars or delivering pizzas. A hundred or even fifty years ago working life in Warrington was very different. Most people worked long hours in badly lit unventilated factories full of dangerous machinery and hazardous chemicals making goods for sale. Despite this the town could proudly call itself “The Town Of Many Industries” with a varied economy which had created one of the great industrial centres of north-west England.

Working Lives of Warrington illustrates the changing world of the town’s workplaces with fascinating images from the official archives and family albums captured by numerous local photographers who documented this vanished era.

Author Janice Hayes is Principal Manager at Warrington Museum and has previously produced ten local history books inspired by the collections of the Museum and Library.
Working Lives of Warrington complements the new Story of Warrington Galleries opened at the Museum earlier this year.

Janice added, “There were just too many workplaces to capture in the new displays and this book gave us the chance to share many more fantastic photographs which local people have donated to the Museum in recent years. Even now there will still be some firms we haven’t featured and we’re always interested to add new material to the collections. Who knows it might feature in the next book!”

Note: Working Lives of Warrington is now out of print.

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