Date(s)/Time: Saturday 25 Jan 2014 - Saturday 3 May 2014, All Day

Ticket Price: Free

Location: Warrington Museum & Art Gallery



From fake mermaids to willow patterned plates, Warrington Museum’s Ethnology collection has inspired the contemporary visual arts collective Markmakers to create new works for this exhibition. Some have retained a very direct relationship to those in the collection, while others have evolved into wider considerations of modern day politics, how we address memory, and our labeling and appropriation of other cultures.

Artists: Sue Archer, Casey Carlin, Niki Carlin, Jacqui Chapman, Jane Chinea, Jane Copeman, Judith Ferns, Carys Hughes, Val Jackson, Rachel James, Alison John, Toby Jones, Jennifer Kenworthy, Sharon Lelonek, Jeni McConnell, Amanda Oliphant, Cliff Richards, Cathy Roundwaite, Sue Shaples, Angela Sidwell, Maria Tarn, Janet Worrall

Markmakers website

This piece by artist Angela Sidwell is inspired by the Museum’s mummy.

Jane Chinea’s scorpions.

Artist Cliff Richards has enhanced images of the Royal family with some Maori facial markings

Take a selfie in the Markmakers art exhibition with this Prince William mask!